There are 89,000 US troops in Afghanistan. But when will there be 0?

Think that all US troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2015?

Think again.

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FACT: There is currently no end date for the war in Afghanistan

When President Obama announced his plan for a drawdown from Afghanistan in June 2011, he failed to mention when, exactly, a full withdrawal would be completed.

The President never said that all US troops would leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

What he did say was that the "combat" mission would end at the close of 2014, after which the US mission in Afghanistan would become a "support" mission. But he never said how many troops would be left in Afghanistan as part of this so-called "support" mission. Nor did he say when these troops would be withdrawn.

If the Pentagon gets its way, up to 20,000 US troops may be left in Afghanistan from 2015 until at least 2024.

"The Endless War" indeed.

COUNTDOWN TO DRAWDOWN is a campaign to end the endless war by tracking the progress of the withdrawal, by raising awareness of the lack of an end date, by educating Americans about the costs of continuing the war past 2014, and by promoting concrete actions aimed at ending the war. The goal is to place sufficient pressure on the President and Congress so that they establish a public timetable for full withdrawal.