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May 14, 2014. See the Source section below for more information.

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Why we made this counter

As President Obama's drawdown is implemented, we wish to raise awareness about the number of US troops left in Afghanistan. We believe that many people do not realize how many troops are in the country, nor do they realize how slow and insufficient the planned drawdown is. By inviting others to post the counter, we hope to spread the word about the work that remains to extract the US military from Afghanistan.


Our source for current troop levels is the Brookings Institution's Afghanisitan Index, which is released at the end of each month. Note that the number of troops does not change every month. The date above is the date that the Brookings Institution last updated their troop count.

There are two missions in Afghanistan: the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which is under the authority of NATO, and an additional US mission, part of Operation Enduring Freedom. There are US troops dedicated to both of these missions.

Brookings's Afghanistan Index is the only updating, publicly accessible source that we know of whose figure includes both the number of US troops that are organized under ISAF as well as Operation Enduring Freedom. The Department of Defense website, on the other hand, only supplies the troop levels for the NATO mission.